Meet Our Staff

  • Office Manager
    Crystal R
    Office Manager

    Dog and cat mom to Banksy, the French Bulldog, and cats Mars, Eros, and Kiwi.

  • manager
    Lynda Q
    Assistant Office Manager

    Pet Mom to dogs Pablo, Picasso and Chevy.

  • image
    Samantha (Sam) P
    Senior Veterinary Technician

    Cat Mom to Frida and Boo.

  • technician
    Jocelyn M
    Veterinary Technician

    Pet Mom to Bambi the bunny, Mamma Cat and Bear the Dog.

  • manager
    Nicol B
    Supervisor Reception

    Pet Mom to Buddy the cat, Sabrino the stray cat, and Maya the Siberian Husky.

  • Cavalier
    Alexandra F

    Dog Mom to six Cavalier King Charles spaniels named Phantom, Poncho, Kitty, Daisy, Issy and Angel.

  • kennel
    Sherry H
    Kennel Supervisor

    Pet Mom to Pebbles and BamBam English Bulldogs and a rescue bird with no name.

  • Loves Frenchies
    Lauren A

    Pet Mom to a Frenchie Friend.  


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